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Limited Time Offer

Sign up now and pay only $49 for your 1st quarter of service.

Sign up for 1 year of service normally at $99 a quarter and only pay $49 for the first quarter.
We supply the container at no charge too! 

We have additional discounts for Seniors,

1st Responders, Educators and Veterans.

Thank you for you service.

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Why Is Once a Week Better?

Country Corridor Disposal's once per week service plan allows for the same amount of garbage to be collected while offering a variety of positive personal, environmental and financial impacts.


It will prevent 50 tons of CO2 emissions annually, it would take 60 acres of U.S. forest 1 year to sequester that amount of CO2, the emissions are equivalent to the energy used to charge over 6 Million smartphones, or the use of 2,300 propane tanks on your grill at home.


Heavy trucks are rough on the local city, county and even neighborhood infrastructure. Once a week service means less garbage trucks in your neighborhood, and also less garbage cans on the curb allowing the beauty of our community to be on full display!

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Lastly, industry experience shows that participation on the 2nd service day of any given week is less than 20%.


It allows for Country Corridor to provide you the service you deserve, and make sure that we get all of your trash collected every week, on YOUR service day! It also allows for flexibility during the holiday weeks to make sure that everyone will get serviced, and no one gets left hanging when they need service the most.

The growth in our area is rapid, exponentially more vehicles on the road, having less garbage trucks on the road will only help ease the pain of rush hour traffic.

What You Should Know


Why Is Once a Week Better?

Other Services

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What Makes Us Unique

Discover what sets us apart from the competition. We are committed to providing exceptional service and delivering top-notch results. With our expertise and dedication, we guarantee customer satisfaction.


Experienced Team


Flexible Payment Options


Affordable Pricing


Quality Assurance


Customer Satisfaction

Susan C

"Their service is impeccable. You know a vendor does a great job when you don't even have to think about them."

Kim S

"I love using local businesses. Magnolia is a great place to live and work. Thank you for being here Country Corridor Disposal"

Mike J

"They provide the containers and they're members of our local Chamber. Everything is done online and I love it."
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